Madrid Open cancelled amid Covid-19 spike in Spain

Having had recently had their highest number of cases in a day since mid-April and a dramatic increase in positive cases of Covid-19 the Mutua Madrid Open has been cancelled.

With just over five weeks to go until the Madrid Open was due to begin the decision has been made in interest of safety.

On the back of Madrid’s statement the other day which said that the advice given to them by the Deputy Secretary of Public Health, Antonio Zapatero was not to stage the event due to the current trend in Spain it seemed like a matter of when and not if it would be called off despite Madrid emphasising the final decision would come down to owner Ion Tiriac and licence holder Super Slam LTD.

It is such a shame and it raises more questions on what the tours will look to do for the remainder of the season.

Playing where is possible seems to be the theme at the moment but if this trend of covid-19 cases continues to rise like it is around the world how long will it be until the year is cut?

Can the tour continue with just a handful of tournaments? Right now with Madrid off the WTA calendar just has 4-6 events available for players to play. Similar situation but slightly better for the ATP tour which hasn’t been as hit as Asia swing being cancelled but it will be weird seeing top eight play in London when there has barely been double figures of events played!

I was in Madrid last year, it was a really fun and well run tournament and I hope to see it back next year at the Caja Magica!

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