“Dear Tennis” Nick Kyrgios pulls out of the US Open with powerful open letter

Nick Kyrgios who has been a pivotal and vocal voice in tennis especially during this pandemic has released an open letter announcing his withdrawal from the US Open.

Dear Tennis,

Let’s take a breath here and remember what is important. Which is health and safety as a community.

We can rebuild our sport and economy but we can never recover life loss.

I have no problem with the USTA putting on the US Open and if players want to go it’s up to them. So long as everyone acts appropriately and safely no-one wants people to keep their jobs more than me. Im speaking for the gig who works in he restruarant, cleaners and locker room attendants these are the people who need their jobs back the most and fair play to them.

But tennis players, you have to act in the interest of each other and work together. You can’t be dancing on tables, money grabbing your way around Europe or trying to make a quick buck hosting an exhibition. That’s just so selfish.

Think about the other people for once, that’s what this virus is about. It doesn’t care about your world ranking or how much money you have, act responsibly.

To those players who have been observing the rules and acting responsibility, I say good luck to you. Play at your own risk and I have no problem with that.

I will not be playing this year at the US Open, it hurts me to my core not to be out there competing at one of the greatest courts, Arthur Ashe stadium.

But I’m sitting out for the people, my Aussies and the hundreds and thousands of American’s who have lost their lives.

For all of you, it’s my decision, like it or not and those are my reasons.

Yours Sincerely,


It is extremely powerful and it’s all done for the right reasons. Whilst we do try to find some normality again it is easy for people to forget this virus is if anything more of a danger with second waves coming in multiple locations and averaging over 200,000 new cases and over 4000 deaths a day.

Despite New York having a better hold on things now than they did a couple of months back the situation in America a country with over 157,000 fatalities and over 50,000 new cases a day shows it is far from over.

Australia itself is being hit with it’s worse wave and Melbourne has gone into a strict lockdown now.

Nick has been vocal in his criticism of Djokovic, Zverev, Thiem and Coric over the catastrophe of the Adria Tour and behaviour off the court partying in night clubs and out dancing when Zverev said he was isolating. This criticism I’ve always said has been spot on, these are role models in sport but in a time when everyone needs to stick together having no concept or realisation of the world we are currently living in is negligent.

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