“It has nothing to do with Tennis” Nick Kyrgios has continued to hit the nail on the head!

Nick Kyrgios is right, this has nothing to do with tennis. This is about doing the right thing in a global pandemic. Over 500,000 people have lost their lives to this deadly virus and the response and lack of responsibility from some tennis players has been appalling.

People have been saying a lot lately that Nick is the voice we are all following and I think it’s fantastic.

I’ve loved watching Nick since he made his breakthrough six years ago and I’ve always been a fan. His behaviour at times may have been unacceptable but lets be honest, who has behaved perfectly all the time? You just have to go onto YouTube and you can find all the top players having a shout and a swear.

I think Nick is a key voice in tennis, he says it as it is and I think the sport needs that. There is too much silence at times of outrage and Nick gets conversations going. He’s opinionated which is great, he has passion and has admiration for players like Andy Murray who used be torn apart in the British media but always stood up for what is right to him and it resinates to people.

Nick has got conversations going before. He has his own foundation which does fantastic work offering sporting opportunities to unpreviledge kids.

Nick also got the conversation going in Australia about a relief fund for the bush fires. I was in Australia visiting family and went to the Australian Open in 2019 and we went for a drive one day into these forests and saw the devastation these fires can cause. Nick got this conversation going following the fires in late 2019 and early 2020 and helped bring tennis together to raise funds for those affected by the fires.

‘A global pandemic’ is a phrase no one expected to use this year and something none of us have known before but Nick’s voice has been one of common sense and consistency.

He has rightly called out the bizarre scenes at the Adria Tour which led to multiple players, family members and coaches testing positive as well as increase in positive tests in both locations. This cannot be completely linked to the tennis for both sites to have an increase on the back of a tennis event with 4000 spectators doesn’t leave much guessing.

I am a believer in people making their own decisions about going to a gathering/event but during these times it shouldn’t even a question of do I go? It’s a no, it shouldn’t even be on offer. We know how quick this virus can spread.

Calling out Sascha Zverev is the right thing to do. He posted himself he will isolate, WHO recommendation is 14 days even with a negative test and 6 days later he’s out partying, not really a role model? The sport does need someone as a voice in these situations. We have many worldwide individual stars but the silence at times is worrying.

I believe tennis can return as planned in August, some exhibition events have shown it can go ahead with stringent measures. These measures we know are in place for the resumption in August will have to be even more stringent, players won’t be able to socialise hence the ‘player bubble’.

I think is players don’t follow the rules prior or during events the ITF/WTA/ATP should have a warning system and kick them out.

I was stunned to see on Tuesday morning Boris Becker launch an attack on Nick Kyrgios on Twitter. Nick has made valid points and called out those who have done wrong so for Boris to come and call him a ‘rat’ ..

Suddenly, Boris tried being all nice and Nick made the only point that should matter, this is not about tennis.

Nick has continued to hit the nail on the head. As someone who loves tennis and has travelled to a few events I’d like to thank him because he’s using his voice and it is about an opinion during this pandemic it is about what is right and wrong.

You can read more on what has been going on below:

Setting an example? Far from it, the response and responsibility of some has been dreadful

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