Heather Watson gave Serena Williams a big scare at Wimbledon in 2015 on route to her six title in London!

In 2015 Serena Williams won her sixth Wimbledon title. Number six was almost put on hold in the third round on Centre Court as she ran into an inspired home favourite Heather Watson.

Having taken the first set 6-2 any drama looked unlikely but the Brit began to find her range and ramp up the pressure on the world number one.

At 4-4 in the second set the ninth game became problematic for the American. The crowd were behind Watson and were cheering errors as winners for the Brit. You could see the disappointed on the face of Serena who expects soo much and she got louder as Heather gave as good as she got.

The Brits immaculate defence at 30-15 won a crucial point forcing a backhand error from Serena to keep level in Serena’s service game. Heather continued to pressure and opted to move forward into the net forcing Williams to try and pass which she did but put the backhand wide.

The break point opportunity was taken, Centre Court at Wimbledon rose to it’s feet and little over an hour the Brit would serve to take us to a third set. It was a tale of two Serena’s one would hit incredible winners and the other would look uncomfortable at the situation. 

Nerves settle in, 30-30 and a double fault from Watson gave Serena a lifeline in the set as she settled into business mode. If Serena was in business mode then Watson was in bulldoze mode as once again she came up with the answer to out power one of the best players Wimbledon has ever seen.

Everyone in the house was on their feet, Heather’s Mum was shouting “COME ON” from the stands and a surprise looked on the cards.

It was such a rollercoaster and you rarely do see Serena rattled as she continued to spiral and Watson shone to break twice for a 3-0 lead and extend her run of games to six in a row.

You don’t get to world number one for a reason and in true Serena style she reeled four games in a row of her own to gain some control in the match once again. 

Pressure of serving didn’t get to Watson as she levelled up at 4-4 as the match was nearing it’s conclusion.

The world number one was rocking, three errors and three break points for Heather Watson in that crucial ninth game once again.

The Brit only needed one of them and at 5-4 would serve for the upset of the year to take out Serena Williams from a set down.

Serena’s intent in the next game was champion like. She stepped in a good metre to take the Watson serve and dictated the opening point trying to force some authority back into proceedings.

Watson once again saved break points and looked towards her coach Diego Veranelli with a clenched fist knowing the job was far from done.

The power from Serena proved too much, the American broke back at the last moment without any emotion shown, Patrick Mouratoglou rose to his feet as Serena levelled once again.

A service hold in little over a minute put the world number one a game away from the fourth round. Heather’s serve came under pressure once again with two match points behind saved. Serena dictated from the baseline to force another match point and a big backhand from the American forced the error as she escaped the spirited fight of Great Britain’s Heather Watson!

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