Nick & Andy on Instagram Live

Midnight in Australia but 3pm in London, Andy Murray was joined by Nick Kyrgios for a fun and entertaining Instagram Live involving red wine and some interesting comments…

Montreal 2014

NK – How much did you enjoy chopping me in Montreal that day when you gave me four games?

NK – I literally felt like I didn’t know what tennis was that day, I wanted to walk off after the first four games honestly!

AM – I hadn’t seen you play much before then but everyone was telling me.

NK – I beat Rafa, he’s a good mate of yours, I beat him pretty convincingly at Wimby so I thought I’d have a chance!

AM – I seen that match a little bit, I was expecting a bit more that day

NK – When you were returning my serve which Rafa didn’t that day I was like I’m in trouble.

AM – Then you semi gave up?

NK – No I didn’t semi give up, you’re too good. I already told you everyday you should have had one of the best careers ever but it’s how things go.

NK – I’m not going to make this controversial, but I think your better than Djokovic in my opinion. Djokovic has played dodgeball on my serve, he couldn’t return it your on it and like, na I’m slapping it for a winner!

AM – The results would suggest otherwise wouldn’t they…

Next comeback after Covid-19?

AM – I feel pretty good, I was doing well before the injury at the Davis Cup. I think when things get back to normal I think I’ll be alright.


NK – Can we play doubles?

NK – Give the people what they want, play for the crowd a little bit.

NK – All people want is Kygs and Muzz, give the people what they want.

AM – We played well in ITPL didn’t we?

NK – Yeah, but give them what they want.

NK – Muzz, you’re a living legend. From a fan and for someone who played I don’t care about Djokovic and others, we love you. Ordinary people like us love you, we love you dude.

AM – We can tee it up once together, only if you promise to behave which you said you were going to before the Instagram Live but it’s not really sort of..

NK – I promise you on this Instagram Live I’ll behave for you Muzz

AM – A lot of the questions coming in are asking if you’re drunk and I think it’s pretty clear.

NK – I’m just excited to talk to you.


NK – So guys, one time were at Madrid. The locker room for top 16, Muzz was 2 or 3, I was 15/16. Lets be honest when you and I talk, everyone listens. It’s all they want to hear, two voices that want to be heard at a decent level that’s it.

Murray laughs

NK – You and I, we know best.

Laver Cup

AM – Why do you get so emotionally invested in the Laver Cup?

NK – Because its fun, it’s my best buds are there trying to beat some European guys who have no banter, don’t give an F about each other and act like they care for one week which pisses me off because they don’t. Let’s be honest, Tsitsipas and Zverev hate each other and then they are besties all of a sudden, like piss off.

NK – I can’t stand, do a team world it’s what were all about.

Random chatter

AM – God sake…

NK – I like fun, team events and up with the boys and lads. Aussies and people from England are the same.

AM – Ok

NK – Me and Dominic Thiem would vibe? No, no. I’m more invested in a nice cocktail but my boy D Thiem would be like I wanna see this paint dry. Very simple, it’s a different.

NK – It’s good to see you though you look handsome as hell

AM – You’re on fire!

The ending…

AM – Whats your plan for rest of the evening? Are you 5/6am?

NK – Na na na, I’m gonna brush my teeth, get some water, wrap my self and get some sleep. Training tomorrow, hit some forehands!

NK – Jack Sock my boy is getting married and I’m one of his groomsman.

AM – Best doubles players in the world.

NK – Apparently I gotta cut out of this chat as I’m too ratchy.

AM – It was predictable wasn’t it?

NK – I did pretty well you gotta admit.

AM – Ill message you tomorrow once you’ve recovered.

NK – Lastly before I go, Muzz is better than the big three and Twitter’s going to be @ Nick Kyrgios says Murray is better than big three. I believe it.

AM – I appreciate that

NK – You’re better than Djokovic, that’s for sure. You get sitting on my T serve, my man kept guessing wide.

AM – I’m out.

NK – Bye Brother!

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