Tennis in England given the green light with guidelines amid new lockdown rules

Following the change of message to Stay Alert from Stay Home and the ability to meet someone outside your household in a public place for exercise whilst maintain a 2m distance tennis will be able to resume with some guidelines.

These guidelines are only for England and not Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland who are still following the Stay Home message.

  • Only tennis can be played on outside courtesan not indoor courts.
  • 1 v 1 tennis can be played with someone outside your household whilst maintaining a 2m social distance.
  • If you wanted to play doubles you must only play with people inside your household, all four must be from the same house

All these active must be played whilst following these rules:


full guidelines can be found at:

It is understood it is up to individual sites if they re-open their outside courts as it is the only facility at tennis centres, sports centres and gyms that can open.

I do hope myself to head out and play tennis in the next couple of weeks.

Please remember to follow the LTA guidelines, be alert of people around you, be respectful and have fun!

This is the first step into finding some of our old normality and if we all following the guidelines hopefully the next steps aren’t too far away.

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