Rafa, Roger & Andy

The Instagram Live game has been taken to another level. Rafael Nadal kicked it off on Monday and after taking an eternity to figure out how to add people but was at separate times joined by Roger and Andy! Here are just a few main talking points from the lives with the two players…

Rafa was struggling quite a bit with the technology in the early parts..

Screenshot 2020-04-20 at 20.25.27

Screenshot 2020-04-20 at 20.28.16

However he was then eventually joined by Roger Federer…


Screenshot 2020-04-20 at 21.28.52

RF: Academy Open?

RN: No idea when, we are following the rules. There is 85 kids and 70 workers, people from the kitchen, physios inside, everyones looking after the kids.


RF – You not played since Indian Wells?

RN – Me? No, I haven’t touched a racket since Indian Wells!

RF – PERFECT. You won’t be able to play tennis anymore

RN – I hope to remember something when I come back

RF – I’ve been practicing on the knee and hitting against the wall. It’s been slower but I have plenty of time. At the end of the day I want the knee to be good and it doesn’t matter when.

Growing up…

RF – when you were growing up, what was your set-up for tennis?

RN – I was lucky enough I had my parents working like a taxi

RF – I’m a taxi driver now.

RN – I was paying football, tennis and school

RN – 9-12 in school, 12-2 tennis, 2-3 eat something quick, 3-5 in school and going to practice at 5:30, then more tennis and homework after

RF – similar with football and tennis, probably not as good at football as you. I chose tennis when I was 12.

Lefty or Righty?

RF – One thing I’ve been wanting to ask you because it’s been bothering me is you are lefty, and that’s been a problem for me. If you are righty, why do you play lefty? if you could righty?

RN – I cannot play righty, that’s just a legend

RN – Basketball and writing with the right but not with tennis court or football.

RN – I started with two hands on backhand and forehand, I didn’t know if I’m lefty or righty.

RF – I cannot be angry, it’s just natural


RF – Let me go and take Andy, I know he and Stan are laughing at us. It might take ten minutes!

RN – I see Andy here making fun of us, I see he likes the social networks more than we do..


RN – Andy, where are you man?!


Rafa & Andy

Screenshot 2020-04-20 at 21.30.01

AM – Rafa… (couldn’t see him)

RN – This instagram life, I am going crazy

AM – It was very amusing watching you try

RN – next time I will be more ready!


AM – It’s (isolation) has been tough but it is nice to spend time with kids and family

RN – I am home, trying to positive and in this period of time it is difficult. I’m trying to do my routines every single day in morning and afternoon.

RN – there are some tricky times with everything closed, it will be a tough time for workers with the economy as well and the impact after the coronavirus will be tremendous

Rafa’s Academy

AM – I’m in London, that must be rough for the Academy. I of course played the challenger and trained there. Must be tough for the kids there.

RN – Kids are all fine

AM – Most still there?

RN – Yes, it was safer for them to stay and not go back to their homes due to epidemic. We closed everything, nobody can come into the academy and no one can go out, if they need to they can’t come back in. There are no cases of the virus in the academy which is good and the kids have trainers (etc..) here.

AM – Kids are good, it’s difficult trying to teach as parents. You appreciate the teachers what they did before as they don’t want to listen to the parents.

RN – How is your body?

AM – I’m training a lot but I haven’t played in five weeks, haven’t hit any balls. see what happens when we can do things again.

Pro Evolution Soccer

AM – I just seen Juan Monaco sending messages and it made me think about the PRO Evolution games we used to play on tour.

RN – Good memories, until late night. Late night matches on the tournaments.

RN – By the way, we were better than you guys.

AM – I think it was partner that was letting me down, sorry to throw him under the bus but Dani was definitely the worst of the four.

AM – I should have picked a better partner

Virtual Madrid Open

AM – You’re playing virtual tennis in Madrid? I spoke to Feli Lopez, he messaged me today and said you’ve been playing 3-4 hours a day practicing.

RN – I’m not do anything else. I honestly just played my first match today.

AM – I played last night but played as you on clay. I’m playing the tournament but chose to play as you against Roger. We ( me and you) were playing unbelievable but after a set your guy was unbelievably tired, his energy thing. I never saw you getting tired after a set.

AM – It will be interesting to see how it goes, should be good fun.

RN – We can play a match later?

AM – Yeah, I’d be up for that. I don’t have a character, I’m not in the game so I have to chose someone else to play with.

RN – that doesn’t matter, maybe you could chose Nick (Kyrgios) or something?

AM – maybe I’ll take Nick (both laughing)

RN – I’ll text you later to play a match

AM – I’m up for that but not too late, I’ve got to get up with the kids in the morning.

RN – Andy come on

AM – 10 o clock Spanish time is my cut off now

RN – Ahhhh, you have been coming to academy and coming to Spain for a while, you’ve got to get use to Spanish time.

AM – What time you having dinner now 11pm?

RN – It’s tough, these timings are very difficult. Some nights I go sleep around 2 in the night or 3.

RN – I don’t have kids like you, I think the kids help organise you better.

Having Kids…

AM – I’m 6 am every morning, enjoy your late nights and your mornings why you have no kids

RN – I hope to be in your situation in not a very long period of time….

Am – Now’s a good time as we are at home with the family all the time.

RN – You never know, you never know!

RN – GO on the TV and practice a little bit for later, if not! No chance!

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