Kokkinakis & Kyrgios on Instagram Live

The Instagram lives have been very interesting and a good contact with tennis in this unusual time but as Nick said we’ve “been blessed with some previous instagram lives” so decided to team up with Thanasi Kokkinakis for a 30 minute live.

Here are just some of the conversations from the chat on Instagram, unfortunately some things couldn’t be published but head over to Nick’s instagram where it is there for 24 hours!

The two decided to to build they’re own player…


NK – Karlovic’ serve is ridiculous also Isners, almost aces everytime

TK – Anderson is probably close as well


NK – Either my boy Thanasi in my prime. Rafa’s forehand is pretty good, pretty solid and can flatten it out


NK – I’m taking Sock

NK – Benoit’s touch is scary


TK – Benoit?

NK – It’s gonna hurt me to say it but I’ll take Djokers, the guy doesn’t miss, he’s been drawing there since he came out of the womb.


NK – Roger’s slice

NK – Roger’s movement is good but his volleys are unreal.

NK – you were teased in Miami

TK – I tried to go as hard as I could at him on the forehand and he goes behind the back volley straight on my toes.


TK – someone with movement is Rafa

NK – movement is Monfils, Djokovic movement is a joke and De Minaur’s movement is a joke.

NK – what about mental toughness?

Tk – I think that takes us out of the occasion pretty quickly.

NK – Rafa’s mental toughness is pretty good!

Player Is…

Forehand – Kokkinakis
Backhand – Djokovic
Movement – Djokovic
Serve – Karlovic
Volleys – Sock
Slice – Federer

NK – what you think about quarantine?

TK – Not much has changed for me, I’ve been quarantined for about 5 years

What age you start playing tennis?

NK – 7, just grabbed a racket and have regretted it ever since (laughing)

TK – enjoyed it and then it went downhill

Who’s longest in the shower?

NK – I’ll be honest and say you are 100%

TK – It is probably me

Tell us about a night out you’ve had

NK – we’’ve had a bunch in London and Melbourne, too many to chose from

Strangest thing happened to you on tour?

TK – probably after a match in Madrid, some dude humped on the court and jumped on my bike

Know any guys who smoke on tour?

TK – I couldn’t believe it because the dude was soo fit but Ferrer and Simon a little back in the day and they’re soo fit so it didn’t effect them at all

NK – they’re machines, absolute machines

Do you actually hate Djokovic?

NK – I don’t actually hate anyone. I can admit people are different unlike some. I don’t like some of the things he does but I don’t hate him.


TK – MUZZ (Andy Murray) IS ON HERE

NK – MUZZ !!

Felix or Shapo, who’s game do you like more?

TK – phwaorr

NK – I think they’re pretty f*****g good

NK – crazy good players!

Who’s faster? De Minaur or Millman

NK – de Minaur is faster

TK – de Minaur

NK – Millman just gets to everything


NK – Muzz Muzz say something funny man, you’ve lost your humour mate


Most underrated player on tour?

TK – I don’t know, you play more than me

NK – there’s a bunch man.. players like Pablo Cuevas, there’s a bunch of players around 50,60,70 who are underrated

Boxing for 10 rounds which player you’d chose?

NK – Tsonga would find a way, he’s got flair and endurance, he’d have a made ride!

NK – Dan Evans is up there as underrated… (previous Q)

Top 3 players for a night out…

NK – not including us, who?

TK – Monfils

NK – Dan Evans on a night out, unreal banter. 

Is Fognini a good bloke off court?

NK – I don’t know him that well

TK – he just strolls around the locker room

Demon or Rafa in hundred metre race?

NK – demon would destroy Rafa in a 100 m race, destroy

TK – demon’s like roadrunner

Would you play a slam without a crowd?

TK – that be tough

NK – 100% no

TK – that be s**t

Monfils or Demon in 100m race?

NK – I’d take Monfils, if there is a change of direction then Demon

TK – Monfils

Best umpire?

NK – I’m best 100%

NK – oh, Fergus Murphy 100%, he makes mad calls


NK – I’m going to make a a slo-mo video of me pouring some coffee with my top off .. (dig at Stan)

Instagram Live finishes…

Screenshot 2020-04-19 at 09.51.28

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