The Overule: Stan & Andy, TikTok, Ahn and Rankings

These times are extremely unknown in most of our lifetimes. No tennis, no results, no upsets and little to talk about in the tennis world.

I think it is important that we do try and continue as much as we can, over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing more memories and reacting to news as it comes through.

There has been some bits and pieces going on and some things that have caught my eye on social, so lets take a look in this quieter version of The Overrule.

Stan & Andy

No tennis for some time a sketch show with Andy Murray and Stan Wawrinka would be pretty cool!

Stan has one of the best Instagram games in tennis and Andy Murray has some of the best responses…

Andy replied…

“If people keep panic buying you might need to cook her in a couple of weeks!”

Andy replied:

“Im trolling people on Instagram 🙂”

Andy replied:

“What’s your address so I can send you a hair brush?”

Oh Paris…

If you didn’t know Roland Garros announced the other day they have rescheduled their event for seven days after the US Open and putting ten ATP/WTA events at risk without consulting anyone else…

The other bodies came together and well the statement said it all:

“Now is not a time to act unilaterally, but in unison. All decisions related to the impact of the coronavirus require appropriate consultation and review with the stakeholders in the game, a view that is shared by ATP, WTA, ITF, AELTC, Tennis Australia, and USTA.”

In times of crisis it is important for Tennis to unite however the FFT’s decision to move Roland Garros without consultation could jeopardise the future of ten tournaments and highlights the need for a united tennis authority

FFT president makes “brave decision” to move Roland Garros to September clashing with 10 tournaments and just 7 days after the US Open!

Kristie Ahn winning TikTok?

Tennis players have taken to TikTok during their time off. Alex de Minaur, Elina Svitolina and Naomi Osaka have all joined the fun but it’s Kristie Ahn who for me has this nailed down and this one in particular sums up the mood around the Grand Slams right now:

WTA & ATP Rankings Frozen

The current WTA and ATP Rankings have been frozen during this time.

No ‘defending’ points will drop off for tournaments that will not be played and will instead fall off before either the rearranged tournament begins or next years event.

It is probably the fairest thing to do, this will also have a big impact on the race to London and Shenzhen respectively as the points quota will be considerably lower to qualify.

What happens next?

We carry on and following guidance!

It is a strange and tough time for all of us. Continue to find enjoyment in things that you love.

Usually in times of crisis sport and tennis in particular is such a great distraction but without it we have to find new ways. Look back at memories and stay active!

Screenshot 2020-03-07 at 18.15.58

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