Medvedev’s ‘plan’ in the final set was bizarre leaving the Russian still looking for a win in best of five scenario!

At two sets to one up you would have pretty much expected Daniil Medvedev to progress to the next round.

However, the guy who usually has all the answers is still searching for the answers in a five set scenario.

Defeat to Stan Wawrinka leaves the Russian who is seen as the leader of the pack chasing a first major title with a win/loss record of 0/6 in deciding sets.

What went wrong?

Part of it in my opinion was due to Stan and the other was a lack of a plan and certainly some naivety from Daniil.

Daniil has good defensive skills but did nothing to hurt Wawrinka when it mattered. 

Daniil plays a nice game from the baseline but in these neutral rallies he doesn’t let rip and has even admitted himself on Eurosport he waits for his opponent but it hasn’t served him well in a match he should have won. 

He got his serve in but then didn’t build on it, he camped behind the baseline got caught out and found himself down a break and then naively decided to go for it at the net and got passed twice in succession.

There is nothing wrong with coming into the net but you have to know what your doing and commit to it. 

Medvedev in that final set won 3 of 11 points he played at the net and that was what cost him. 


The only thing I’m focused on right here is the position of Daniil. I played a game years ago as a kid called stuck in the mud and this was simply it. He isn’t in a position of authority at the net. Stan throws a backhand which we know was coming but he doesn’t have the line or the cross court covered.

Screenshot 2020-01-27 at 10.27.18

The second one is similar but he prolongs a rally he should have ended. He got the ball back but this just highlights lack of skill at the net. A volley here would win the point against Stan but instead an awkward back prolonged the rally and he got passed at the net again.

It’s an interesting for Daniil he has received a lot of well deserved plaudits but I do still feel there is an issue with his game. There could be more done with the backhand and at the net. 

More of a plan is required as he fell short once again in a deciding set.

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