Juan Martin del Potro to undergo second knee surgery

Juan Martin Del Potro is to undergo his third knee surgery in less than 15 months as pain still persists after his last surgery in June of last year.

The ‘gentle giant’ is one of the most loved tennis players around the world and it is such a great shame that he continues to be held back by injuries.

Wrist injuries were an issue earlier in his career and the Argentine will now have had seven surgeries in his career:

May 2010 – right wrist
March 2014 – left wrist
January 2015 – left wrist ligament
June 2015 – left wrist tendon
October 2018 – fractured knee cap (no surgery)
June 2019 – knee surgery (fractured knee cap)
January 2020 – knee surgery (pain in knee cap)

The surgery is due to take place in Miami on Monday 27th of January.

His team have released this statement:

We want to update you that after long weeks of inter-consultations in Argentina, Europe and the United States, most doctors have come to the conclusion that a new intervention in the right knee of Del Potro is necessary. After analysing the options, Delpo trusted Dr. Lee Kaplan to perform the surgery scheduled for Monday, January 27th in Miami.

We hope that this is the definitive solution to eliminate the pain that not only has prevented Delpo from playing tennis, but also making it difficult for him to perform daily activities.

After his previous operation performed in June by Dr. Angel Ruiz Cotoorro in Barcelona, the recovery progressed, but pain persisted throughout, which prevented Delpo from running and jumping and even activities such as walking up stairs.

Despite the pain he remained active, regaining muscle and leg strength, hoping to return quickly to the circuit. In addition to rehabilitation, he trained in the gym and on the tennis court with reduced mobility. According to his doctor’s time frame, Delpo was aiming to return to the tournaments in Stockholm and Vienna and to play the exhibition with Roger Federer in Buenos Aires.

Unfortunately the pain never left, which forced the cancelation of these tennis commitments and spurred Delpo to seek new medical consultations. What followed next were lots of trips, different treatments, diets and training until reaching the medical conclusion that a new surgery was required and inevitable.

Thank you for your patience and for understanding that these past weeks we have taken our time before communicating his next steps. The situation is never easy when it comes to the physique of an athlete and. more the importantly the health of a person.

Team Delpo

It goes without saying that we all wish Del Potro a successful surgery and rehab and we hope to see him back on a tennis court.

Screenshot 2019-06-20 at 17.50.54

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