A widespread of unforced errors cost Denis Shapovalov in Melbourne, fingers crossed it’s just a blip as his tennis in Sydney was beautiful!

Oh Denis!

He teased us with his mesmerising tennis at the back end of last season at the Paris Masters event really wheting the appetite for 2020.

He turned up to Sydney and dazzled us with some fantastic wins against Tsitsipas and Zverev including causing De Minaur and Djokovic a bit of a headache.

Melbourne had some hopes as he looked to make a big statement at a major having not made a fourth round of a major since 2017 US Open which was his second career major. Instead he now has three round one exits in his last four but why did he not turn up?

Denis spoke in press about not all of his game was there and that there were some nerves but a problem was the errors.

I love what Denis brings to the court and when he is in full flow it is good watch. I said however with explosive nature of his groundstrokes his tennis can ‘run the risk’ and the risk came to the court.

I hope it is only a slight blip from Denis who was likewise an early casualty in Adelaide as well as Melbourne but some of his numbers in the defeat to Fucsovics were concerning:

39% second serve won (22/56 points)
14% break points won (1/7)
62 unforced errors
64% net points won (35/55)

The numbers aren’t horrific but still not great when you look at the bigger picture. Bit messy at the net in all honesty, break points were a big problem and the second serve sat too nicely for the Hungarian.

The big focus is unforced errors at 62.

Fucsovics won 145 points and almost 50% of them were unforced errors from Denis, big problem and it comes with that style of tennis where you run the risk of getting the wrong side of the tramline.

Marton played a clever game against Denis. He kept the ball low and bringing him to the next was a good tactic.

Denis just couldn’t get out of the rhythm he found himself in. He won just 35/55 of net points and hit 18 against the net from point blank range.

The spread of unforced errors were quite alarming from the Canadian:

Screenshot 2020-01-21 at 23.15.31

A widespread of unforced errors does just signal a bad day at the office but it also at the same time echoes the fact that nothing worked.

I really hope that this is just a small blip and we continue to see the Shapovalov who wow’d us in Paris and Sydney and continues to take his tennis to the next level.


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