Querrey 6-3 6-4 6-4 Coric; Borna’s going to have to pull up trees as the ‘nice’ tennis is causing himself more harm than good!

Question. Describe Borna Coric’ game in one word?


It’s nice tennis, it isn’t tennis which will hurt you or tennis which with all due respect will get you off your seat, it is just nice.

Borna began his year with a win against Dominic Thiem, there was a point separating them. Fine margins, let’s not get carried away.

With Borna I feel like the key facts have fallen beneauth trivia. Everyone made a big deal about his best of three record last year winning 17 of 27 matches that went to a deciding set but it screamed issues.

If you break down his win/loss record against players since the start of last year to now it looks like this:

Ranked 1-10 – 1/3
Ranked 11-20 – 1/3
Ranked 21-30 – 1/1
Ranked 31-40 – 3/5
Ranked 41-50 – 3/6
Ranked 51-60 – 2/2
Ranked 61-70 – 3/2
Ranked 71+ – 12/6

Since the beginning of 2019 he has played 54 matches winning 26 and losing 28. 17 of his 26 wins have come against players ranked outside the top 50 in the world.

Since Jun 2018 the 23 year old has been ranked at times between 12 and 28 and is set to drop out the top 30 when the Australian Open finishes.

As I said Borna has spent the last 18 months ranked between 12 and 28 but his record against top 30 opponents in that time is 3 wins and 7 defeats, not inspiring tennis!

I think this win over Dominic Thiem needs to be forgotten about in all honesty the performance once again was lost.

I watch Borna against Diego Schwartzman just a few days after his win against Thiem at the ATP Cup and I wrote about how he failed to do much with his shots in a performance I called shambolic.

Re-think required; Borna Coric thrashed 2-6 2-6 by Diego & Hubert outlines big issues in his game!

I like what Borna has to offer. I think he has solid groundstrokes but it is too central and too nice.

He had good numbers behind his serve but when it comes to the clutch moments in a match he hasn’t got the answers. He gets the ball in play but it’s nice, there are prolonged rallies which he doesn’t win.

Borna speaks quite openly about his goals and one of them for a while has been to make the tour finals, he is going to have to pull up some serious trees right now to fulfil that.

Screenshot 2020-01-04 at 20.36.11

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