The ATP Cup proved a success but brushing aside the women’s event in Brisbane was a poor choice!

The ATP Cup isn’t over yet but for me it has been a success.

Despite being just around 6 weeks after the Davis Cup and 7 of the 8 quarter finalists being the same as in Madrid I have felt more of fun feeling to the event.

The crowds have come and filled a majority of the stadiums across Perth, Brisbane and Sydney. I was pleasantly surprised the support teams have had along the run despite some being a few thousand miles away!

I do think there are some issues that need ironing out with the event.

The main one which has rilled players not there is the ranking rule. Someone like Andrey Rublev missed out despite a top 30 ranking as he wasn’t in the top two for his country and you must have doubles players involved too. There does need to be someway of making sure it doesn’t alienate players from representing their country.

I’ve enjoyed the atmosphere of the crowds, teams and the tennis has been world class. Having points and prize money on offer does help. 

I know many have complained about a player being ranked outside top 300 featuring but they are eligible so it’s hardly their fault. If anything this platform should be used as an opportunity for lower ranked players as well to better their ranking and compete on a world stage.

My one issue with the event?

Is how it has shelved the WTA event in Brisbane.

Maria Sharapova has said the WTA event feels ‘second-hand’ to the ATP Cup which took the centre court in Brisbane for almost four days and all the promo’s around the area has been about the ATP Cup.

It first came to light when the tickets went on sale and there were no options for centre court tickets for Monday to Wednesday for WTA Brisbane. This meant that all early matches were pushed aside to the outside courts on a ground pass until later in the week when the ATP Cup moved to Sydney for the knockout stages.

No matter what happens next year this cannot happen. It isn’t fair at all and players aren’t happy turning up to the biggest pre-Australian Open tournament on the calendar in January and being pushed onto outside courts.

Screenshot 2020-01-09 at 20.24.01

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