Australian Open have contingency plan in place if Melbourne air quality is unsuitable!

Across Australia bush fires continue to blaze. The scale of the fires has been unimaginable and horrible to see the devastation left in its path.

The fires have been relentless and smoke has even made it’s way to far away Cities. Canberra was due to host an ATP Challenger event but poor air quality meant that the event was moved.

The air quality index in Melbourne has read at 213 which on the scale is ‘very unhealthy’. Qualifying at Melbourne Park is due to start a week on Tuesday with the main event set to begin on the 20th of Jan until the 2nd of February.

There is an option for qualifying to move the matches inside to the National Tennis Centre courts which are located on site at Melbourne Park.

This is also a possibility for the tournament beginning on the 20th of January. Outside courts would not be used but indoor would. Ground pass tickets would cover these are well as matches on the Melbourne Arena court.

Tickets for scheduled matches on Rod Laver and Margaret Court would still be able to go ahead as they are also roofed courts.

There is another option and that is to delay the Australian Open which I cannot see happening due to the issues it would cause with the calendar and players’ arrangements. If this were to be exercised players would need to know in some advance.



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