Sascha Bublik brings out “Hollywood” tennis but his decision making and plan needs to much better! Maybe I’m being harsh?

Sascha Bublik brings fun to the tennis court.

He plays an expansive game and is looking for that killer touch and quick finish to rallies. Whether it is serve and volley or camping at the net he will mix it up and it has been working for him.

The 22 year old from Kazakhstan will break into the top 60 on Monday having began the year 162 in the world.

At 6’6″ he has a big serve and we have seen that on show in his two big runs to finals this year at Newport Beach and now in Chengdu.

Earlier on in the week he saw off Grigor Dimitrov in three sets hitting an impressive 35 aces and 15 doubles faults on route to victory in a week that saw him hit 125 aces and 48 double faults.

You can see above just what he produced at Newport earlier on in the year.

I like what he brings, the flair is different but still quite measured and timed. Sometimes you will see players go for a ”Hollywood” shot but at the wrong time.

I do think there is an element of that in Sascha’s game.

That final set against Carreno Busta in the final bothered me slightly. 10 games were played in 31 minutes which includes sit downs. I think Bublik was getting through his service games in 90 seconds which was fine but he made zero impression on Carreno-Busta’s.

In the three sets played Sascha only won 18 points in the Spaniard’s 17 service games across 3 sets which is 6 points a set.

That’s crazy. Carreno-Busta’s numbers on serve were good and you’d expect that because Sascha didn’t do anything productive. It’s ok rushing your own service games and being broken once in 17 games but no questions came of Carreno-Busta.

Slightly frustrating as I do think as a spectator you can get lost in the “Hollywood” tennis without thinking, where is the substance in this? Sascha created one break point which was saved and I spoke about his aces and double faults and it caught up with him.

The Spaniard won 11 more points in the match that Bublik who hit 11 double faults…

It cost him.

It is a shame because I wanted to see him win this, I am pleased for Pablo though after a tough year with injuries and he got out of the match what he put in.

Is the word capitulation unfair? Am I being unfair?


There was a game at 6-5 in the third and nothing was happening in the rallies and Bublik went for two audacious sliced forehands up the line with a net approach. He got passed on one and put the other wide. It got messy and it caught up with him in the tie-break falling 0-4 2-5 and eventually losing it 2-7 to the Spaniard.

Overall a positive week for both. Even for Bublik who hits a career high but to reach that next level the decision making needs to be better.

Screenshot 2019-09-29 at 13.56.09

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