How a challenger at Indian Wells was meant to kickstart Kyle Edmund’s season but he hasn’t got out of first gear!

Following a career high of 14 in the world twelve months ago this has not been the season Kyle Edmund would have hoped for.

I think it’s fair to say this is now in the ‘save you season’ stage following a difficult year.

Kyle began his year with a withdrawal from Melbourne and missed the next couple of months with an injury.

The Brit came back to tennis but on the challenger circuit to begin with at Indian Wells and won the event winning against Andrey Rublev in the final.

This was meant to be the kickstarter that gets the season going for him following injury, it has been anything but.

Kyle went into Beijing with 12 wins and 18 defeats on the main tour taking his career tally to 102 wins and 102 defeats.

Just like fellow Brit Dan Evans, Kyle has too recently split with his coach Mark Hilton but is being accompanied by Colin Beecher who has worked with Kyle before and is also working with Dan right now as both search for new coaches.

Kyle and Dan have teamed up for doubles to recently in Chengdu and now in Beijing.

Kyle has already seen his ranking plummet outside the top 30 and is in risk of finishing the year outside the top 40 and won’t then be a seed at the Australian Open where in 2017 he was a semi-finalist.

It is a shame for Kyle, I remember the challenger win at Indian Wells and how it was meant to propel his season but it faltering start never got out of first gear and the question is, what happens now?

He is in Beijing then Shanghai and will likely be in Paris too so there is time to get some momentum going and it is what he needs right now.

I always think a step down wouldn’t be too bad. I thought an appearance at the Murray Trophy might have been in order and sometimes even if you are still ranked top 40 a step down to a couple of challenger events shouldn’t be frowned on.

Screenshot 2019-09-28 at 19.27.05

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