LTA are “deeply concerned about the governance of the sport” but have used all votes in ITF president vote for the same president however the LTA have major problems too!

Tennis governance is in utter chaos.

There is no other way of describing it.

It is the biggest individual sport in the world but feels like an out of control school trip. We have multiple rules and regulations from different governing bodies who should be singing off the same hymn sheet.

I’ve said before no one sings from the same hymn sheet. It’s all over the place.

I wrote this in July of this year;

Major tennis authorities should be singing from the same hymn sheet but it’s far from it

Four majors, four different final set rules. Best of 3/5 debate. ATP and WTA in different directions. ITF have little say. Davis Cup and Fed Cup re-forms not gone down too well. Issues with ATP board. Hopman Cup gone following ATP Cup announcement. Prize money issues at joint events. Integrity issue in tennis. Earning a living on the tour down the rankings.

It is issue after issue.

The LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) have said of late;

“We are deeply concerned about the governance of the sport, the role of the ITF in that and a number of recent decisions.”

‘The LTA Board had lengthy discussions about the forthcoming ITF Presidential vote and we do not believe that now is the right time for a radical change in regime.

‘We will, however be holding whichever candidate becomes President of the ITF to account on a number of areas.’

Quotes via – The Metro

The LTA aren’t wrong. There are right to be concerned especially with the way the circuit is right now and decision making but they don’t think it is time for a change but will hold the candidate responsible?

David Haggerty is of course the current ITF President and despite this statement the LTA have used all 12 votes in the ITF vote today (Friday) for Haggerty who will continue in the chair until 2023 after winning 60.5% of the vote.

The LTA aren’t exactly in a position to be running the rule over others and that is something I will look at going forward but for now;

LTA president Martin Corrie on Thursday resigned with immediate effect after an investigation found a committee he was on was ‘not good enough’ with a sexual assault allegation back in 2004.

An investigation criticised the way Hertfordshire’s LTA which Martin was a committee member of handled an allegation in 2004 of an incident relating to the 1990’s.

Corrie did temporarily step down as LTA president in 2018 but having now resigned from the role with not face a full disciplinary hearing and admitted it should have been dealt with differently.

You can read more on this on BBC below;


At the ITF election on Friday he still stood for re-election to the ITF board as the LTA’s nomination.

Update – Corrie who resigned as LTA President on Thursday was re-elected onto the ITF board on Friday.


From the top to the bottom of tennis it is messy.

There seems to be no direction in the sport. The ITF are not leading the sport and despite what should be the most influential board they come across as the outsiders when they need to have the players best interests at heart.

Changes have been made to major events like Davis Cup and Fed Cup without consultation. The ITF World Tour had major changes to begin this year but multiple complaints came in from players over changes so changed the rules in March.

The top needs a shake up and it might get worse before it gets better.


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