Nick Kyrgios will face a 16 week (ATP) suspension if he fails 6 month probation but why did the ATP’s decision take 6 weeks?

The ATP have announced the fate of Nick Kyrgios six weeks after his outburst in Cincinnati.

Nick received a fine after the match of $113,000 for his behaviour on court and language to Fergus Murphy in Cincinnati.

Nick’s 6 probation period begins on Monday and has been given a $25,000 fine. He can appeal the decision but looks unlikely.

During this 6 month probation Nick cannot;

No further code violations during the probationary period that result in a fine for;

Verbal or Physical Abuse of officials, spectators or any other persons while on-court or on-site,

Unsportsmanlike conduct based upon an act, such as spitting, directed towards an official, spectator or other person during or upon conclusion of the match,

Visible obscenity directed towards an official.

Nick must also have continued support from a mental coach during participation at ATP events.

Nick must also sought after additional support in behavioural management during the off season.

Nick has had his say on Instagram;

6 months without a fine… it will be tough or will it?

Now, the loopholes…

  • Nick cannot be banned for ITF events or Grand Slams
  • 2 months of the 6 month probation there will be no tennis anyway

Why did the decision take so long? There was no point in them announcing the ruling before the US Open as they cannot rule him out of it as it is an ITF event was that to avoid more attention?

Nick was also the main poster boy for the Laver Cup for Team World which the ATP have jumped on this year so it was obvious they would not rule until after this.

This is the problem in tennis with two many governing bodies is no one has complete control.

Nick also announced that he will miss most of Asia tour with a collarbone injury picked up in Laver Cup and isn’t expected back for some time.

Nick’s 6 month probation does begin on Monday but isn’t predicted to be back in action until the 21st of October and will likely play no more than two more tournaments this year.

Paris Masters finishes on the 3/11/2019 and the new season begins on 3/1/2020 at the ATP Cup for Nick. These two months of no tournaments will still count towards the 6 months suspension which seems odd as there aren’t tournaments he can play in.

He won’t be at the NextGen or ATP Finals but has said he wants to play in the Davis Cup. Davis Cup however is an ITF event there so the ATP cannot act on any potential issues there and is an ITF matter if it comes to it.

Following the ATP Cup he has…

Australian Open (not under ATP ruling)
Delray Beach (ATP 250)
Acapulco (ATP500 & defending champion)
Indian Wells (ATP Masters 1000)
Miami (ATP Masters 1000 – probation period will end on 26th March – 3 days into tournament)

Potentially from now until the end of March he has 5-8 tournaments he has to behave in essentially.

Just to clarify, if Nick does break the probation he will receive a 16 week (4 month) ATP ban. He cannot play in ATP events including challengers in this time. He can however play in Davis Cup and Grand Slam events. He could also play in ITF events too.

For Nick, this is the perfect time in the season to pick up his fate.

Two of the six months there will be no tennis to play and I do think the ATP have done this on purpose.

Why did it take 6 weeks for this decision?

This should have been nipped in the bud within a week or two at maximum. I think they didn’t want to cause a problem going into the US Open and the Laver Cup.

It does seem quite staged that the ruling has come straight after Laver Cup.

Don’t get me wrong I am and have always been a big fan of Nick and I hope he does come through this period. The questions I have asked are more about the ATP than Nick himself. I think they have a lot questions to be answered regarding timings and delay.

Screenshot 2019-08-30 at 18.55.31

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