Has the hunt for No.24 become an ‘if’ and not a ‘when’ ? Either way, four major finals since returning deserves respect and shouldn’t be deemed as a failure!

As a fan of Serena Williams I was sad that she lost the US Open final. As of fan of tennis I am pleased for Bianca Andreescu she continues to amaze.

Saturday night after the match, I had Celeb’s Go Dating on Netflix and had quick scroll through Twitter and saw a tweet which criticised Serena.

The tweet said she failed once again and outlined the fact that she has yet to win a title or a set in a major final since returning from giving birth to her daughter Olympia.

That doesn’t sit well, that’s a lack of respect.

The challenge to get to 24 has become the most talked about thing in tennis and whether she gets there or not I don’t think there is any dispute in the fact she is the greatest female tennis player of all time. It shouldn’t be just based on what you have won.

Two years ago Serena gave birth to her daughter Olympia and weeks later turned 36. If you haven’t watched the document ‘Being Serena’ I would recommend doing that. It was personal and a great insight into her life and the complications she went through during birth. She could have lost her life.

Serena’s C-section wound opened up and had to go back to surgery where they found blood clots in her abdomen. Serena had to go back to stop blood clots from travelling to her lungs.

When Serena was allowed out of hospital she spent 6 weeks in bed.

To have gone through all of that must have been absolutely frightening but she fights.

She defied the odds getting back to fitness to play tennis at the highest level and despite a few bumps and multiple injuries this year more than ever she has shown how sharp she is.

Four major finals since returning in two years is no failure. Even the fact she hasn’t won any of the four doesn’t make it a failure.

I love how open and honest she is about situations. She has said she needs to find a way of finding her best Serena in the finals. Nerves were there against Andreescu and after all that happened in New York last year the way she played was incredible throughout the fortnight.

Serena will be back in 2019, I’m not sure if she will continue this year. She is on the entrants list for Beijing but I will be surprised.

Next stop I imagine will be Melbourne…

To finish on, if making four major finals in two years after pregnancy. Back to top 10 and most consistent player in majors in two years is a failure? Give me some of that any day.



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