The Final Two; Serena Williams v Bianca Andreescu

History is on the line.

On Saturday evening we will be treated to an incredible battle out on Arthur Ashe stadium.

Serena Williams who first won in New York twenty years ago will be chasing history looking for Grand Slam number 24. Her opponent wasn’t even born when she first won the title and Andreescu who recently turned 19 is making her US Open debut!

Serena was in full swing against Svitolina, slow start but she raced away from the 5th seed. Quite incredibly Serena said in her press after she didn’t think she played too well.

Bianca Andreescu continues to amaze, I don’t think we have ever seen a story like this. What she has achieved this year has been ******* extraordinary.

This 19 year old is the definition of fearless.

6/6 break points saved (including a set point)
Down 2-5 (double break) and won the set 7-5

She doesn’t give in. I can’t say much more, I’m speechless.

So, who wins?

I’ve visited it throughout the two weeks and I’m going to revisit it again. Muchova, Wang and Svitolina all struggled on second serve. Serena is seeing the ball like a football right now.

That feeling of having to do a second serve and Serena stroll inside the baseline to return is daunting. Bianca has a stronger second serve than Elina but it will be a worrying spot for her.

Elina won 9/22 against Serena and despite winning Elina won 18/44. Usually you can say winning 60% for example on your second serve is good but against Serena it’s bad.

Bianca’s second serve does stand up a little bit better between 82-90mph but will be a talking point.

I can’t really pull much from their meeting in Toronto which Bianca won 3-1 with Serena pulling out injured. Bianca will pose a threat from the baseline the question is, will it be a threat that puts Serena on the back foot for a sustained amount of time?

This will be fascinating. Bianca has the ability to redirect traffic with a swing of the wrists and without having to move too much.

It will be an incredible final and I hope we see number 24 for Serena who is a win away from re-writing history.



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