Ban impending? Nick Kyrgios is a tournament directors dream but a tournament referee’s nightmare. Is a ban the right choice?

Is Nick playing? You can guarantee a full stadium.

I last wrote about Nick after his Washington win on my way home from America. I wrote about how I don’t condemn his behaviour on court and previous issues but I look past that and appreciate his brilliance and how he is good for tennis.

I’m not going to repeat what I wrote then but I will post a link at the bottom.

Nick Kyrgios could be on the end of a ban very soon. Following some comments after his round one win at Flushing Meadows

Nick was asked if the $113,000 fine he picked up in Cincinnati bothered him coming into New York to which he replied;

“Not at all, ATP is pretty corrupt anyway. I’m not fussed about it at all”

The ATP have announced that these comments will be ‘assessed under the Player Major Offence provision’ however there is still a possibility of a further fine or suspension following his exit from Cincinnati.

Nick has responded to clarify his comments;

Nick talks about double standards and I agree with him that there is an issue. Nick will always be under scrutiny because of his past but others are allowed to get away with stuff. I’ve seen a few racket smashes and heard some swearing go unpunished at Flushing Meadows and no-one seems too bothered about Tsitsipas’ rant at the umpire which you can watch below.

Imagine if Nick did this…

Some people will say, why do you support him?

I love watching him, I could watch him all day easily.

He may not be as professional in his preparation, performance or behaviour as others but he’s being himself and we shouldn’t fault that. Me saying this doesn’t condemn past behaviour at all. There have been times where I’ve shook my head and Nick’s probably looked back to and done the same but he’s great for this sport.

I do feel like there is too much attention on him. I see it as some journalists turn up hoping something will happened instead of actually focusing on his game which is clever, thorough and imaginative.

He can do things many can only dream of.

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Nick fills stadiums. The crowd was full at the beginning for his straight sets win against Hoang. There was a crowd of people queueing to get a look.

Nick his a tournament directors dream and maybe a tournament referee’s nightmare.

What do I think the ATP should do?

I don’t think a ban right now helps the situation. What happened in Cincinnati with Fergus Murphy was out of order. There has to maybe be an agreement from both sides in place about future violations which could lead to a suspension.

I hate it when people say ”he needs help.” It’s very vague… what do you mean help? Oh I don’t know.

We can all use words. Maybe too many or too little at times. ATP have a responsibility and the last thing they need is Nick off the court without some work being done. Someone has to sit up and talk to Nick about behaviour and conduct on court and why things shouldn’t happen.

A ban will come, I’m sure of it but you can’t just ban, ban, ban and ban someone time and time again. There becomes a point where you have to lay it down and be strict but also as Nick has eluded to, make sure the punishments are fair and consistent across the board because they aren’t.

Some are more lenient than others with being strict on the rules but everyone needs to be singing from the same hymn sheet.

We see it in football all the time. Early on, some referees will let a player have a couple of bad challenges where as others will go straight for the yellow card.

I think there has to be a lot of common sense and understanding in refereeing/umpiring but also the same standard of rule implementation is crucial.

Screenshot 2019-08-30 at 18.55.31

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