Katie Boulter still waiting to return following Fed Cup injury

Back in April, Great Britain’s Fed Cup team made it back into the World Group for the first time in 26 years with a victory over Kazakhstan.

Katie Boulter who was ranked around 80 in the world at that point put her body on the line and played through injury to give her team the much needed win.

The win was much needed at the time however since then ITF have announced change of format.

As of next year there is a new World Group stage and a new qualifying format for the World Group in 2020 in February with the finals taking place in April now.

Great Britain unfortunately didn’t get the wildcard for the World Group so must do the play-off again.

This means that the tie against Kazakhstan was pointless because nothing has been gained from it.

It’s a big shame for Katie Boulter.

The Brit will now drop to around 230 in the world and is expected to full further. Katie has had to withdraw from Roland Garros, Wimbledon and now the US Open qualifying as she is still injured.

She has seen specialists but is still not near competing again on a tennis court.

It is a sad situation for Katie who worked so hard to get to top 80 and that would then give her direct entrance into majors but her ranking has plummeted right down and now the fact the tie was pointless makes it even tougher.

In the live rankings she is now down at 219 and I expect that to drop further once US Open qualifying is out of the way.

We can all only imagine how she is feeling.

To have secured history for your country putting your fitness on the line for only that match to be null and void is heartbreaking and I hope we see Katie back on the court soon.


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