The journey to Giulia Gatto-Monticone’s first Wimbledon appearance!

Life on the tennis tour is tough. It’s a weird concept to think that being the 149th best women’s tennis player in rankings is still a tough ask but it is.

This perception of being a tennis player, highly paid and travelling the world can be a burden on an individual but to be able to do it freely is something only a few can do.

Even down at say 150 it is sometimes difficult to make a living. One of my favourite stories of Wimbledon was that of Giulia Gatto-Monticone.

In 2019 the 31 year old from Italy made her Wimbledon debut. A few weeks before she made her Grand Slam debut at Roland Garros.

Giulia didn’t win in the main draw but it’s not all about that.

When we talk about inspiring stories, I think sometimes we look too far ahead of some of the most interesting and real ones.

Giulia turned pro in 2005 and on the WTA website it says she has earned $359,648 which is a lovely sum of money but let’s break it down.

Giulia in singles and doubles playing most of her tennis on the WTA circuit has won over 600 matches and featured in over 1150 matches worldwide.

When you take into account travelling, life expenses, paying for a coach on top of I can only imagine loads of things it doesn’t leave much I imagine.

When you think of that $359,648 that $142,728 of that has been made this year is a testament to hard work. Before this year Giulia had never made it to a main draw major. It isn’t all about money but for players down at 150 in the world that first round prize money can mean the world to the possibilities it can open up.

At Roland Garros, she came through qualifying and twice came from a set down to win her matches there. She also gave Sofia Kenin who beat Serena a good run for her money.

Wimbledon a few weeks later, she came from a set down twice once again in qualifying to win and got Serena in round one.

Of course she’d be gutted going home in round one but she had Serena Williams at Wimbledon on Centre Court in her first ever main draw match at Wimbledon. It was incredible and she pushed hard in that second set.

If you don’t follow her on Instagram then you should. She had a ball at Wimbledon and never stopped believing. Moments after he defeat to Serena she asked for a selfie with her.

Giulia was in Lausanne this week and came through qualifying before a straight sets defeat on Monday to Bernardo Pera and eyes will be on US Open later this year.

Screenshot 2019-07-15 at 19.35.50

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