Serena; San Jose πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Toronto πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Cincinnati 🎒 New York πŸ—½ Need for big wins πŸ₯‡ & the fight for Equality πŸ’ͺ🏻

The next big stop will be a trip to New York. New York holds good and not so good memories for Serena Williams but before we end up at Flushing Meadows there is plenty of work to be done so what can we expect over the next few months?

Back to San Jose?Β 

San Jose is now home to the Silicon Valley Classic which moved on from WTA Stanford. Serena did play here last year using her protected ranking to get into the tournament.

She isn’t on an entrants list and from what I have heard it isn’t happening.

Remember last year she got blown off 6-0 6-1 by Jo Konta…

Toronto & Cincinnati

These are the two biggest tournaments before New York and she needs deep wins.

Rogers Cup in Toronto is a good place to pick up the wins and Cincinnati is one of my favourite tournaments I think it is such a beautiful setting.

She is on the entrants list for both tournaments but without a deep run it won’t be beneficial to her.

Big wins needed

I think it’s right to start off by saying how great it is that since giving birth she has made three major finals, has had injury after injury but is still knocking around top 10.

The next step is now key.

In the last four majors she has gone deep in she has lost to Halep, Pliskova, Kerber and Osaka. All four are in-form and she hasn’t had that repetitive match play of playing in-form players and recording big wins.

Lack of tournaments due to injury hasn’t helped this. I don’t think she can win in New York until she has that rhythm of playing top players back.

New York

We know all the talk will be about last year but we have to move on. I can imagine all questions will be shot down about last year hence the piece that came out during Wimbledon where she opened up about her apology to Osaka and seeing a therapist.

Talk will turn to No.24 and this will be pressure like no other. I love Serena but I’m unconvinced right now.


A lovely line to finish on, Serena was asked about whether she should take a step back from being a celebrity and fighting for equality and focus on tennis to which she replied;

“The day I stop fighting for equality for people who look like you and me is the day I’ll be in my grave.”

Image credit – Wimbledon

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