Why WTA Birmingham is a calendar must!

June and July is the best time to see Tennis in Britain. Next year we lose the ATP Finals in London so there is more emphasis on the summer of tennis.

Getting tickets for Wimbledon can be tough but should get easy with a new system next year but WTA Birmingham is one of the highlights of the year.

Situated at the Edgebaston Priory Club it always attracts some big names in women’s tennis. The world number one, two, three and Venus Williams are all on site this year!

Getting there

The venue is about 1.6 miles from Birmingham New Street Station and is a great day out or if you’re looking at a week there are plenty of hotels and shopping at The Bullring.

To get from New Street to Edgebaston you can get a bus or an Uber! If you are getting an Uber it’s easier to be picked up in the drop off zone outside New Street station. The destination is on Sir Harry’s Road, it’s a long road so just get out at the top otherwise you’ll be sat in a stand still of people trying to get to The priory.

Driving there yourself? £13 all day but is a first come first served. I’d say 60 spaces.

What can you bring?

Anything within reason. Alcohol is allowed but limited on amount. Food and drink is fine!

Bring a water bottle as they do have fill up stations, good to get away from single use plastic!

Bring a coat because this is British summer and it’s unpredictable!

If it does rain there is an inside eating area or by the North Stand there is a shelter under the seating overlooking the outside courts.

Things to do!

Obviously centre court is there. If you have a ticket you can get on the outside courts too. Seating for Court 1 is a first come first served.

There is the Wimbledon museum and some fun bits to do which is just next to Court 1.

People are sociable and like to enjoy the tennis! You can watch practices and players are quite accommodating for a selfie! (Maybe not those who have just lost)

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