Tennis moved indoors as persistent rain in Nottingham continues!

For fans in Nottingham it has been an incredibly tough couple of days of tennis, well in fact no tennis.

Bad weather has been an issue across the UK since the beginning of the week but in Nottingham it hasn’t stopped with play suspended for two straight days.

The men’s event which is a challenger event this week has been moved indoors as otherwise it would have to be called off.

Play today for the ladies outside was due on at 10:30am but rain has pushed it back further and further and moments after the players finally made their way onto the court the heavens opened again.

It has been announced that play will now take place indoors for the foreseeable future. There is no seating inside where they plan so we believe there will be no fans.

We don’t know whether play will re-commence outside swapping from surface to surface and I wouldn’t be surprised to see players pull out with commitments elsewhere next week depending on matches.

Looking at the weather forecast play outside tomorrow looks highly unlikely. Play on Friday outside looks unlikely with a small chance of rain all day and Saturday and Sunday looks ok until the mid-afternoon.

Screenshot 2019-06-12 at 12.34.04



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