Frustration, Irritation & Moaning; Djokovic got involved in too much unnecessary drama!

Novak Djokovic came onto court on Friday afternoon as a man who did not look very happy.

His semi-final against Dominic Thiem was in fact the final game of the day to begin at Roland Garros. Earlier on in the day we had seen Nadal take out Federer, Vondrousova defeat Konta and a rollercoaster between Barty and Anisimova all having to play in wet and windy conditions.

For me yesterday Novak came out with the wrong attitude he looked frustrated and it showed in his tennis.

The conditions had not been ideal or day and the wind of over 40mph really rattled the world number one as well as a slight drizzle in the air.

An umbrella ended up flying from the presidents box to the the court and at this point the frustration that play was going on was riling the number one.

Djokovic asked the umpire when does it become dangerous to play but the umpire didn’t know and said it was up to the referee who then made his way to see Novak.

Play later on in the late afternoon was surprisingly cancelled after a period of rain despite it clearing up around 5pm local time in Paris and no more rain that day…

The two returned on Saturday pushing back the women’s final and the frustration was there again for Novak who was unhappy at some line calls and when the rain did come he didn’t even wait for the umpire to call it off. At deuce he picked up his bags and headed down the locker room.

Even when he came back he was still frustrated and visibly unhappy with everything going on muttering at the umpire for calling score too early and unhappy with more calls.

I think in all honesty it has cost him. Coming back in the fifth following a delay he was the better player but got involved in stuff he shouldn’t have in my opinion.

Screenshot 2019-06-08 at 13.38.03



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