5 hours of scintillating tennis, thank you Stan & Stefanos!


What more could you ask for?

They gave it all and a little bit more.

Stefanos Tsitsipas and Stan Wawrinka have just battled out the match of the year on Suzanne Lenglen.

An emotional ending and it’s one of those where we could have watched the pure brilliance all night and wouldn’t have got bored, it was that good! It’s a shame someone has to go home and I am pleased for Stan but also gutted for Stefanos.

Screenshot 2019-06-02 at 18.21.47

This will hurt Stefanos that is no doubt but he has to look back and be happy with what he has done here and in the grass court season. His whole game is soo good, when I watch him play I am just in awe of the man. I can’t believe the tennis he plays, his concentration and how locked in he is. He wants this and he will get it. For 20 years old he is quite something and a joy to watch.

Wawrinka, well I hate the saying but he is rolling back the years. I have been super impressed with what he has done here. His comeback has been tough lets not beat around the bush and it has been a tough journey but you don’t lose that skill.

Wawrinka’s full repertoire in full flow is a sight and it’s a sight not to be missed.

Tactically I think he played the match very well.

He measured and accurately executed when to go big in rallies but he had to withstand the pressure from Stefanos and that was a tough ask. The 6th seed bounces around the court so elegantly his movement back of the court or coming forward is up there with the best I’ve seen in tennis.

It really was fine margins.

Stefanos won 195 points to Stan’s 194 but lost. It was super close but what worked for me from Stan was the block slice return of serve. It slowed it down and there were just a few too many inside out forehands from Tsitsipas to the tramlines which had too much top-spin on for where he was on the court.

Now it is time for Stan to rest before a meeting with Roger Federer on Tuesday!


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