Belinda Bencic v Donna Vekic – which 22 year old will make their first 4R in Paris?

Two players I have really enjoy watching are Belinda Bencic and Donna Vekic.

They have both been on the tour for so long. Incredible wins, tough lows and plenty of match experience for these two 22 year olds who I have no doubt will be here for a long time to come.

Now they are both after a piece of personal history as they seek to make the fourth round of Roland Garros for the first time.

Belinda I saw live in Madrid when she faced Simona Halep in what was a fantastic opening two sets before Halep strolled into the final but Belinda did have a very strong win against Osaka in the quarter finals.

Donna Vekic has played good tennis but getting a run together and going deep in tournaments is an issue. She did make the quarter finals of Stuttgart at the beginning of the clay court season and was minutes from defeating Naomi Osaka who turned it around, got the win and the next morning withdrew…

Who is playing better tennis at the moment?

Tough one, both players had to dig deep in their previous match with Donna Vekic coming from a set down to see off Rebecca Peterson and Belinda Bencic had to come back Thursday morning to complete her comeback against the dangerous Laura Siegemund who is no stranger to an upset on clay.

My head is with Bencic but my heart is with Vekic. So I’m going to go with my head. I think if Donna wins this it’s her biggest win of the year because of who she has beat and what it would mean.

I do feel like Belinda has too much from the baseline for the Croat and can mix it up with that backhand as well which watching it live against Halep really did cause some issues for the former world number one and did likewise for Naomi Osaka and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Belinda go further here.




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