All you need to know about attending Madrid!

I have to say my experience at the Mutua Madrid Open this year was a fantastic one! The tournament which isn’t one of the oldest at the Caja Magica really does put on a show and here are just some things I have learnt from my experience to share with those thinking of going to the event.


The closest tube station to the Caja Magica is on San Fermin-Orcasur which is on the yellow line (line 3) and is about a 10 minute walk to the Caja Magica.

I got three tubes on a day and it only took around 45 minutes so the easiest thing for me to get was an unlimited day ticket for €13 which is good value.

The last tube of the day is 1:30am so if you are in a late one then you might have to run however Taxi’s to queue up outside the grounds and there is Uber as well.

Finding your seat

This caused havoc.

Time and time again you see on TV umpires losing their mind asking fans to find any seat as it is a bit confusing.

On your ticket you have Sector, Row and Seat…

Sectors outside the court are well labelled however when you get in before you step towards the court on the wall it will say which sector is which as some converse.

Fila = row
Asiento = seat

Quite simple, the confusing bit is seat numbers. Each seat has a number underneath it so you have to get close to the seat to see the number however it doesn’t go 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 etc… it goes 2,4,6,8,10 and so on as well as 1,3,5,7,9,11 on the right side.

Food, Drink & Bags

You cannot take food or drink into the building.

Majority of people would bring food either have it binned at security who will search you or stand outside and quickly eat it.

Drinks were also binned or had to be drunk there and there.

This is big shame!

A bottle of water in the Magica which is vital in the 28 degree heat costs €2. When you get any bottled drink it will either be decanted into a cup or the lid will be taken off you.

There are food options but limited and pricey. Most of them are a meal deal option with a burger and a drink costing €17. There isn’t really anywhere for a snack or something you can nibble.

In the whole complex there is probably about 12-15 food venders, limited seats and on Friday there were at least 14,000 fans there.

I think this no food / no drink needs looking at.

On Friday I was sat in the sun and it was soo hot. I left during the first set of Thiem/Federer to get a drink and three venders had run out of water and I queued for about 30 minutes for a bottle of water. I ended up getting two bottles but had to juggle them without lids on which was difficult.

This is something that needs to change.

Another point, on the boards outside it does say bags aren’t allowed but everyone was let in with one. It will be searched!

It was a really good experience. Buying tickets online is really easy to do! Remember suncream and a hat!

Practice courts have a schedule so you can see your favourites up-close and there are soo many fun things to do inside the building as well!


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