Kiki Bertens almost retired in 2017, now she’s Madrid champion, No.4 in the world and a Paris contender!

Kiki Bertens is a fighter. If you watch her play you first think fighter.


It has not always been a smooth ride though for the new world number four. At the end of 2017 despite making the doubles finals at the WTA Finals she considered walking away from tennis for good.

Kiki wasn’t happy with her singles results and life on the tour. At the end of that season she went away and had a think and came back with things she wanted to try and improve on.

Right now, she is world number four having just won the biggest title of her career in Madrid as well as many other titles and is one of the most consistent players on the tour right now.

Since the end of 2017 she has achieved;

Titles in Cincinnati, Charleston, Seoul, Russia & Madrid
QF at Wimbledon 2018
SF at 2018 WTA Finals
17 top 10 wins since the start of 2018

Incredible statistics!

I was there for Halep against Bertens in the final and it is no hidden secret that Simona Halep is my favourite player on the tour but even though I was sat there cheering on Halep I was watching Bertens in admiration.

The way she moved around the court and struck her forehand was so good to watch. It was so good I was shaking my head as if to say ”too good” which it was.

She made it look effortless and that is a skill in itself. Simona Halep didn’t play a bad match she just couldn’t match the intensity and the level Kiki had from the baseline.

I thought she played the perfect clay court performance. She picked her time so wisely to go for different shots. Whether it was to keep the rallies going, slow them down with slice or unleash her shots it was a stunning week but it goes deeper than that as her record over the last 18 months has shown.

In Madrid she saw off;


without a set dropped all week! 4 of them are Grand Slam champions!

Right now she’s a contender for Roland Garros without a doubt.

I would have her down as a main contender. I don’t think the fact that she hasn’t been to a final before matters. She did make Wimbledon quarter finals once and a few years ago was a semi-finalist in Paris so she can go deep at a major.

If I were a player in the ladies draw I’d want Kiki as far away from me as possible because of how dangerous she is!

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