Madrid Open – Friday

My first day here was incredible.

It left me with sunburn but it began with me figuring out what Spanish is for row and seat 😑

First of all I made my way into the site and immediately went and sat on Manola Santana waiting for Novak v Cilic…

It got to 12:15 local time and there were still no players, an announcement hadn’t been made on the system to say Cilic had withdrawn with illness so I got up and went for a wonder.

Who did I see first?

Simona Halep!

I watched her whole practice, very good and composed!

Next up…

I went for a bit of a wonder and then caught a bit of Dominic Thiem practicing;

Before you know it, I heard some screaming so I went and had a look;

This was as close as I could get to Roger Federer…

Now time for Halep v Bencic!

A truly wonderful match and Bencic did a fantastic job in the second set to calm the tide down a little and after that first set surprised us all with that second.

However, Simona Halep wasn’t going to waste much more time before she strolled to another big win and another Madrid final!

Following the conclusion of this one, some time to get some water and recharged. I did miss the majority of the first set between Federer and Thiem but I went to see someone else;

I don’t think this man needs an introduction…

I came to Thiem and Federer with the Austrian a set down, if anything I think I was a good luck charm.

His tennis as was Roger’s was exceptional and a joy to watch it was however Thiem’s level was higher and it was so good!

That’s me for my first day in Madrid done, I will be back tomorrow with the Women’s Final and the Men’s second semi final!

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