Final Four in Barcelona

No thrills, no spills.

It was business as usual today as Rafael Nadal, Dominic Thiem, Kei Nishikori and Daniil Medvedev orchestrated their way through to the semi-finals in Barcelona in straight sets setting up some fascinating meetings on Saturday.

Rafael Nadal v Dominic Thiem

We will get a marker of where both players are at right now.

Dominic Thiem looked strong in his win in the quarter finals and really relaxed in the second set and looked really good following his poor week in Monte-Carlo.

Rafa likewise had a poor week in Monte-Carlo but he has looked focused throughout the week so far, he hasn’t shown us a vintage performance yet and this match against Thiem will test him!

King v The Prince?

Daniil Medvedev v Kei Nishikori

It’s a weird one with Kei, if he loses this match would he have still had a great week?

There seems to be a handful of tournaments every year he does well at and this is one however this match right now I would say is his biggest of the year to date in terms of meaning.

Daniil is in good form and if he can get that backhand going early then it will be interesting to see if Kei can withstand the pressure and get his game imposed and take control.

Over the course of the two semi-finals I do think it will be Rafa v Medvedev in the final on Sunday. Rafa in three and Daniil in two.


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