Shifting focus past Madrid & Rome? Djokovic – “Roland Garros is the ultimate goal on clay”

Melbourne magic was followed by sunshine double sadness and this last week Monte-Carlo meltdown as he fell to Daniil Medvedev but the world number one is not worried.

He currently holds the last three majors and has said the ultimate goal is Roland Garros taking a bit of pressure on what will happen in Madrid and Rome but no matter what he says people will talk if there is an early exit and he knows that.

Djokovic has said in light of his defeat to Medvedev;

“Roland Garros is the ultimate goal on clay”

It is but are we worried about what is happening now?

It is true that over the last 10 months his best tennis has come at the majors and since that run after Wimbledon his out of major tournament’s haven’t done as played and a lot of matches he should have won he hasn’t.

The pressure and spotlight is there.

I have to laugh to myself that I am actually writing this on the last paragraph as were sat here questioning and faulting the man who has won the last three majors…

That is just the level and the bar he has set.

I think what emphasises these worries and doubts is how good he was in Melbourne. When I was at Melbourne Park even on days he wasn’t playing everyone was talking about him, the level of tennis was unmatched.

We saw players play in Melbourne who had a fantastic tournament and Novak tore them apart, it was stunning but as much as I want to see this level every week it isn’t sustainable.

At the same point, lets think of the bigger picture. 12 months ago he couldn’t buy a win. Ranking was at a low, he had no confidence and now he’s world number one with over 4000 points more than anyone else and holder of three majors.

Roland Garros is the ultimate goal but it will frustrate him as well if he doesn’t do good at Madrid or Rome and even with this statement the questions will follow still.


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