The best have been left with plenty to think about…

Who would have said on Monday that we’d get to the Monte Carlo final without; Rafa, Novak, Kei, Thiem, Zverev or Tsitsipas? Well that was the case and following the tournament everyone has plenty to think about going forward

Rafa ‘worst clay court match in 14 years’

Well, that says it all! He said it was his worst performance in 14 years when he lost to Fognini. I would say during the course of the week that he looked sharp but rusty and that is expected but he looked lost against Fognini. We see him at his best and his worst during the week but I wouldn’t worry too much at the moment.


Flat week for Novak, looked good in bits but overall if I were to rate his performances out of 10 it would be a 6. I felt like he did his back of the court play well but lacked much conviction when playing his shots.

He says the plan is to peak at Roland Garros but let’s be honest poor shows in Madrid and Rome will do him no favours.


Surprised but not surprised.

I like Kei’s game. I remember when I saw him in Melbourne I said he is good up to a point and I think that contending period has passed now.

I’d love to be proved wrong and for him to do something big at a major or a Grand Slam but since the beginning of 2017 has made one semifinal at either Masters or Majors until 23 attempts.

I think that ship has sailed and the younger players are now doing better.

Thiem – disappointing

I wrote about his performance the other day.

He needs a quick turn around. Dominic plays on confidence and should have come into Monte Carlo with that swag and ruthlessness attached to his game following good recent results but lacked the killer touch.

A quick turnaround like I said is key now. We had a taster last season of how good he is on the clay now we want to see him take that next step.


Said he felt good against Felix and then was bad against Fognini.

Fognini played well but I’m lost when I watch him at the moment. I don’t get what he is trying to achieve, he’s adapted a deeper position on the court since the end of last season and is playing into players’ hands with short shots.

Very bizarre…


Finally it’s Tsitsipas! Mmm… where to begin!

I mean it was wild against Medvedev! All composure was out of the window. Cause for concern? Not really, I just think he has to think about his own game first.

I felt against Daniil I was watching a performance where he over thought was getting frustrated before the domination in rallies began to take place and instead of Daniil breaking him down he broke himself down.


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