Medvedev 6-3 4-6 6-2 Djokovic – Deep hitting & Unbreakable backhand

Daniil Medvedev knows how to cause an upset. His first top 10 win in 2017 against Wawrinka at Wimbledon and has followed it up this week with wins against Tsitsipas and now  Djokovic.

Daniil is one of the players on the tour that has gone under the radar but with four titles (all since beginning of 2018, 1 this year) Impressive wins and a fourth round in Melbourne he has started to come out of the shadows.

I remember previewing his match against Stan and I said I fancied him to win it and I called his game ‘predictable’ which can be a bad thing in tennis but when you own so well like a player like Del Potro does sometimes you can’t defend or attack against it.

With Daniil you know what you’re going to get. His baseline game is strong and the variety of shots you can get off it makes it such a tough weapon.

Novak found it difficult to capitalise on due to the depth he was placing the ball and he couldn’t execute his shots with any conviction which should be a bit of a worry.


Image Credit – Sky Sports

He was just relentless and he does then basics so well time and time again. You can see how deep he continued to hit the ball and this is a tough skill. Some may think well hitting the ball deep with power is it easy but in a pressure situation of long rallies to move around the corner and still find the back line is really impressive.

That’s what I like about Daniil is that he’s been getting good results with solid tennis. With him there is no need to be flashy but he just gets it done.

The backhand of his is going to be big, the issues it causes for such a simple shot is mad. Whether he gets a small swing behind it or a big swing he still manages to pull it off with great depth time and time again.

For the world number one I do think it is a bit early to sit here and panic and he has even said himself that he will be hoping to peak at Roland Garros but in all honesty it will be a worry if this poor run from his standards continues in Madrid and Rome.

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