Are we going to see Sharapova in Stuttgart?

In an Instagram Q&A a month ago the former world number one was asked by a fan if she would be taking part in Stuttgart to which she replied;

“Doing my best to be ready for it, but it might be too soon”

Since then, we haven’t seen much of the Russian on a tennis court.

The only work we have seen is this from the beginning of Instagram;

Apart from this it’s been sweets and just the other day a helicopter ride around Hawaii.

We haven’t seen any training on the clay.

If we do see Sharapova in Stuttgart then she comes into the year tournament with a record this year of;

6 wins
2 defeats
2 retirements
2 withdrawals

I personally doubt right now if we will see Sharapova next week. I think it is odd we haven’t seen more on social media from her and will she turn up to play such a high profile event in Stuttgart with little momentum and practice if she isn’t feeling at a good / competitive level?

I just don’t think it will happen, Stuttgart begins on Monday and right now Sharapova is on the other side of the world if she was feeling sharp would she not be on site more than 48 hours early to get some practice in?

Screenshot 2019-04-18 at 08.25.38

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