Simona Halep; 6-3 6-3 ✅ Forehand ✅ Movement ✅ Serve ✅ Knee 🤔

24 hours ago I would have said Simona Halep looked on the ropes following her win against Hercog but the Romanian has delivered her best performance of the week when it matters.

Earlier on in the week I said that she needed to get out of second gear, she didn’t really do that yesterday and her movement yesterday was lacking big time but today was like another player.

She moved around that court with elegance and that meant one thing she managed to get her forehand and backhand firing with confidence, pace and she hit it soo flat it caused issues. I always say don’t talk about a players forehand and backhand until you have looked at their feet and Halep’s footwork was soo good it was like poetry at times.

The forehand once again; the angles, the defence and the attack. The variation is unmatched on the women’s tour. A lot of players go for full throttle power but Halep can do that but the reason she was number one and has had so many great results is because she applies herself to different situations.

To top off a good performance she served very well as well. She moved the ball around the service box not letting Venus Williams settle and the stats for her were;

1st serve in – 73%
1st serves won – 75%
2nd serves won – 69%

A truly great performance!

The only issue? The knee… were not too sure where it is at. It was still taped up today. No matter what happens for the rest of Miami we expect Halep to take a few weeks off anything and may entertain Stuttgart in mid-April.

No one has asked her about the knee but there didn’t seem to be a big problem like there was yesterday against Hercog.

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 18.51.10



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