Off the hook! Raonic recovers from messy performance in the nick of time!

Performances don’t get more messy than that.

Milos Raonic now has Fabrice Santoro in his team following the departure of Ivanisevic and Fabrice is known for being creative and you could tell that idea was there but Milos was effectively a rabbit in the headlights.

I like Raonice and I think Santoro was a good hire but at the same time there needs to be a better plan.

At times it was an awkward watch. He’s never been the best at the net but this was far from great from the Canadian who made error after error and if anything was naive at times with Giron firing 7 passing winners past the Canadian on what was a messy performance.

Giron however deserves massive credit. The 25 year old has pocketed 50,000 US Dollars and previously has earned around 250,000 in his career prize money. It isn’t all about money but the opportunities he can now go and seek on the ATP tour with ranking increase and prize money will help out.

21/34 at the net at the net for Milos and 7 passing winners against him really showed that there is work to be done in this partnership to make him a better all-round player which is what he needs to compete.

The irony is that when Giron was serving for a 4-1 lead and Milos broke back that break from Milos was sealed with a passing winner, his first and only of the match.

It was a let off the hook win for the Canadian who didn’t really celebrate but credit to Giron for a great tournament coming through qualifying and despite the way it finished left with a smile on his face.

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 20.05.44


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