Let’s just appreciate Nick Kyrgios’ brilliance

Nick Kyrgios splits opinion.

I love Nick, I hate the saying ‘good for the game’ or ‘bad for the game’ who is the person who judges this? There are good and bad in this sport but I can safely say Nick is not bad for the sport.

He’s made mistakes but haven’t we all?

Nick get’s the attention and I do think it is unfair. He has an opinion which I like, he’s there to win and saw that in Acapulco this week. The performances were first class.

I think we need to appreciate him and what he does.

I play tennis regularly and to be honest why do I play? I enjoy it and Nick is one of the players I enjoy watching and it’s about inspiring people and enjoying yourself. Nick’s played shots and I’ve sat at home watching on TV and clapped, thats recognition of brilliance.

Appreciation goes far and Nick just put on a show and a half but all everyone seems to talk about is this underarm serve which I’m bored of now. Who cares? It’s legitimate, get on with life!

Why don’t we talk about the work he does with his foundation? He set it up to help increase opportunities and provide sport facilities to underprivileged and disadvantaged youths.

Why not shout about this? We should celebrate people giving back and creating opportunities.

I think in sport in general we are too quick once someone does something amazing to put pressure on the next time they play, can we not just live in the moment?

Appreciate the brilliance because it is what matters.

Yes, I would like to see Nick compete at the highest level but I like that he is being himself and that is what matters the most!

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  1. Thank you for this great post and thoughtful perspective! I have just written an article on my blog regarding ‘why we love to hate Nick Kyrgios’. It would be great to hear your thoughts on my article! Thanks 🙂

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