Underarm serve debate, what is all the fuss about?!

I think we all just want a bit of a moan to be honest.

Rafael Nadal and fans all over the world seem to be offended by a legitimate tactic. Rafael Nadal is well know for sitting far behind the baseline to return serve so what did Nick Kyrgios do? He brought out the underarm serve.

This is a fair tactic. It left Nadal scampering forward and it’s caused a big debate in tennis despite it ironically being out so it didn’t count.

Federer was asked about it and said ‘why not try it’ especially when players return from the back fence.

I do get how we can be offended, it is a legitimate tactic. We rarely see it but what is wrong with it?

People are saying it is disrespectful, how the hell is it?

If it’s in the laws of the game it’s fair.

It’s a weird one because we have ‘praised’ the SABR (sneak attack by Roger) when he was charging the second serve of opponents before they even struck the ball and then we call it ‘clever’ when players use a drop shot against an opponent that is struggling physically…

I don’t get how an underarm serve is disrespectful.

I think we just need something to moan about.

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 21.37.18

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