Roger Federer v Stefanos Tsitsipas – Markers and Milestones, who will win?

A final fit for Dubai royalty.

If you ever had doubts over what Stefanos can do I think what he has achieved so far this season is magnificent and no matter what happens now in Dubai he has laid down a serious marker.

Roger Federer is no stranger to laying down markers and is now after a big milestone which we’ve been talking about for some time… his 100th singles title.

Victory in Dubai against Stefanos would secure that.

I haven’t seen much of Stefanos live this week but have been watching back and he’s been mightily impressive in the way he conducts his tennis. We’ve all seen clips on social media of him looking frustrated and annoyed sat court side on the chair but I don’t see a problem with that.

Back in May/June people slated Novak Djokovic for similar way saying he lost it but why does showing emotion have to be a bad thing?

For me it means you care and you expect better.

Roger, I have seen a lot of and I don’t think he has gotten out of second gear yet.

I don’t think it would be fair to just look at the result against Coric and think ‘walkover’. Borna has had a long week and this is pretty much his first run since Shanghai as his pre-season got interupted by illness and the tank was empty.

Tough final to call here, Federer has grounded out results well against some difficult players but as has Tsitsipas who has been so impressive for so long now.

Last time these two met was at the Australian Open, I was in Melbourne after this win and the atmosphere was incredible, he brings a crowd and entertains and I expect more brilliance from both players in this one.

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 20.26.06

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