Kyrgios shows us what could be as Nadal takes a swipe at the Australian

It wouldn’t be Acapulco without some drama.

Nadal v Kyrgios and it had it all.

Nick managed to rile Rafa with an underarm serve even though it was out it annoyed the Spaniard but it is in the laws of the game and it was clever of Nick as Rafa does camp behind the baseline as we know.

Nick saved multiple match points and was booed after winning against the former number one with the two exchanging a frosty handshake and since then things have gone worse…

Rafa has said;

“He’s a player who has enormous talent, could be winning Grand Slams or fighting for the #1 ranking. He lacks respect for the crowd, the rival and towards himself.”

Certainly isn’t mixing his words.

I’ve always been a big fan/believer of Nick however this performance against Nadal has annoyed me because we now have an idea of what could be however the question we should be asking is why are we seeing it now, it shouldn’t be like turning on a tap it should be like that all the time.

I want to be sat here writing about Nick on a great run not just being a flash in a pan. He should be contending at the top right now and I still hope he will get there.

The war of words looks like not ending there with Nick taking to Instagram to say ‘Rafa needs some extra salt’ I’m not too sure what that means…

Next up for Nick is Wawrinka later tonight, got a feeling that might not be a quiet one.

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 19.52.37


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