Zverev’s right the calendar is full, but you chose your tournaments

Alex Zverev has said he is tired. He has claimed he has felt like it for the last two months and says the calendar is too full, that I agree with but you choose your tournaments.

Obviously there are tournaments where you have to play in like Masters and Majors unless you have a very good reason but other tournaments you can prioritise.

Last year Zverev finished 2017 participating in 26 events where as this year will end with 23 events but still it’s a little all over the place.

As someone who is ranked at number 5 in the world at the moment a full calendar isn’t required and you pick more wisely. Let’s have a look…

He went from;

Brisbane > Rotterdam > Acapulco > Indian Wells in just over 3 weeks…

I get playing in Munich and Halle as they are home tournaments but Rotterdam, Acapulco and then Basel two weeks before London was odd especially if he was tired?

Zverev said he was tired for 2 months but still played ATP Basel two weeks before London which is an ATP500 event and going to Acapulco after Rotterdam surprised me but then he got a £400,000 appearance fee.

If he was tired he should have planned these last few months better.

Do I agree the calendar is too full? Yes

Do I have sympathy for Zverev? No

Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 19.50.24

At the end of the day you choose your tournaments…


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