Singapore Showdown – The Final Two

Everyone wants to be there, only eight make it every year and on Sunday the final two will compete in the Singapore showdown as the season shuts down.

Elina Svitolina and Sloane Stephens will be the two to battle for one of the tours biggest prizes.

Elina’s year has been tough, it hasn’t really gone to plan with results being disappointing and then there was this odd change to her diet which led to a massive weight loss and it was concerning from a spectators view as it affected her on the court. Thankfully she is playing her best tennis of the year here in Singapore and looks fit and strong again.

I said coming into here don’t write off Sloane Stephens. She will surprise you. Most R1 exits in the top 10 this year but I said you just don’t know what to expect. She has impressed this week and I don’t think we have seen her hit top gear yet.

She could win here without hitting top gear and same for Svitolina. Likewise she has played a stunning tournament but I feel like top gear is still something we are searching for with her but is also something we haven’t really seen on a consistent basis so maybe we don’t know what top form consists of.

This final may not be the biggest names in the game but I hate that the tour and women’s game gets put down because the same faces aren’t there all the time but it so refreshing how competitive the game is and this tournament and this finale celebrates just that.

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 20.13.17 2

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