37/7 before Wimbledon and 9/10 since, what happened to Petra Kvitova’s season?

A 14 match winning streak and 5 titles to her name from January to the end of June; Petra Kvitova was playing the best tennis and the most consistent tennis on the tour.

Following the title in Birmingham which ended up surprisingly being her last of the year the former Grand Slam champion played just 19 matches winning just 9 of them and 10 defeats.

I’m a big fan of Petra Kvitova and what she has achieved in her career especially the fightback from that horrific stabbing in her home just over a year ago however I saw she took to Twitter to say;

I agree that it hasn’t been a perfect week but an incredible season? I honestly don’t see that, the first half was incredible where as the second half was poor.

The stat’s don’t balance it out either. 7 Top 10 wins which is her most since 2013 in one year but 4 of them were in Doha and she hasn’t had one since May.

Her Grand Slam record of 4-4 for the year is her worst since 2009 where it was 3-3 and during that time in 2009 she wasn’t even seeded for the majors.

I watched Petra in Birmingham and she was so good. And for weeks before even when she was dominating on the hard and clay all the talk was about her winning Wimbledon and before you know it she crashed out in R1 and she even said she put too much pressure on herself.

Part of the problem for Petra has been her serve. These stats are from before Singapore began and she’s been hitting on average 5.6 double faults a match. The 1st serve percentage for the season has been 59% and second serve 48% which is not anywhere near someone who has the weapons she has should be.


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