Kyrgios/Lahyani debate – was the umpire right or wrong?

I’ve said before the easiest thing to do in tennis is to take a swipe at Nick Kyrgios.

It isn’t cool at all.

Nick Kyrgios found himself down 4-6 0-3 against Herbert in New York and during the first few games of the second set he began to tank (give up).

The umpire, Mohamed Lahyani got out of his chair and gave Nick a ‘pep-talk’ telling him he wants to help him and that he is better than this.

Some have gone in hard on Nick and Mohamed but I think it should be viewed different.

Donna Vekic has had her say on Twitter which resulted in a response from Nick which he has deleted and apologised for and now Stan Wawrinka has posted on Twitter a picture of him eating with a t-shirt saying Silence on with a caption of ‘Shhh’, it’s all gone a little bit childish…

Players have a responsibility and tanking is unacceptable. It shouldn’t happen.

I also believe umpires have a responsibility to the crowd who pay to see matches and to the players physical and mental needs.

Something we don’t talk about a lot is mental health and I think what Mohamed was bold and correct. He didn’t coach, he spoke to Nick human to human.

If Nick would have continued ‘tanking’ he would have warnings, point penalties and the crowd would be irate. Any of those things would not help the situation at all.

I can also see why people are not happy with Lahyani as it is unusual but from my point of view he did the right thing and if he is banned or fined it would be a great shame.

Nick obviously has issues and that mental strength has been an issue and the umpire stopped this going out of control which could have been a much worse ending for the Australian who now has a match v Federer to play against on Saturday.

Screenshot (323)


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