No pace, no rhythm and nothing to work with! The perfect performance from Del Potro

Performances don’t get much better than what Juan Martin Del Potro did against Hyeon Chung in Cincinnati.

We praise performances on a basis mostly on aesthetically pleasing tennis but when a play completely nullifies a players weapons it should be met with as high praise.

Del Potro can sometimes put on these performances without breaking a sweat and knowing the possibility of two matches in 8 hours he had to be clever.

Hyeon’s game is big, he goes for the forehand a lot. He likes to wind it up and strike for the corners of the court but how to do you stop it?

You give him nothing to work with.

First of all we see Del Potro use the slice, he sends it down the middle of the court no pace, no height = nothing to work with.

Image Credit – Sky Sports

You can see Hyeon lining up the forehand but what questions is he going to ask of Del Potro?

The second one, the backhand!

Image Credit – Sky Sports

Another ball down the middle of the court, low, no pace = nothing to work with!

The backhand of Del Potro took any options away from Chung as well.

What both these shots have in common? Down the middle of the court meaning Hyeon couldn’t open up the court.

It was clever from Del Po currently at a career high and play like this against a future star is fantastic to see and a scoreline of 6-2 6-3 emphasises that!

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