Thiem’s appalling scheduling is the reason he is not a contender right now

Year on the year the talking point about Dominic Thiem’s season seems to be about his scheduling.

Dominic plays more than anyone on the tour. He is always there and it is hampering his chances of contending for titles.

Since Wimbledon the tournament participation has been extreme and now his chances of causing any upset in New York look slim as he has no recovery time.

Following Wimbledon it was like this;

Hamburg (clay) – Singles – QF – Doubles – R1
Kitzbuhel (clay) Singles – R1 – Doubles – withdrawal
Toronto (hard) Singles – R1 – Doubles – withdrawal
Cincinnati (hard) Singles – withdrawal – Doubles – withdrawal (after on site)

No time off since Wimbledon, has just gone with it despite having a virus and a shoulder injury in Kitzbuhel, he still went to Toronto and played…

It is extreme.

19 tournaments this year, 28 last year. He is on course to beat last year.

Dominic is 25 next month and apart from on clay which is a planned schedule for most he isn’t effective or contending and he should be.


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